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Property for Sale in Bagni di Lucca, the Val di Lima and the Garfagnana at under 100,000 euro

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This list was last updated on July 9th, 2018

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€24,000 Euro, £21,000, $26,000 US
Bellavista view
Tiny, very inexpensive house in popular village suitable for DIY refurbishment. Great views.
La Sopra
€25,000 Euro, £22.000, $26.000 US
La Sopra - cheap apartment in Tuscany
Good sized habitable village apartment with views
€35,000 Euro, £31,000, $37,000 US
Low cost property in Tuscany
Large, habitable village apartment. Many period features. Very low price.
Porta Mezzana
€42,000 Euro, £37,000, $45,000 US
Mozzana - Toscana Verde
A tiny stone house built into the walls of a pretty hill village. Fully habitable but unmodernised. Great views
Casa Francesca
€45,000/€75,000 Euro, £39,000 & £65,000, $48,000/$79,000 US
Casa Francesca - Toscana Verde
Choice of two small apartments in a popular village. Ready to use
€50,000 Euro, £44,000, $53,000 US
Village house - Toscana Verde
Village house to restore.
Stone Barn
€50,000 Euro, £44,000, $53,000 US
Cheap house to restore in Tuscany
A small stone barn with road access and spacious flat garden. Easy conversion to small house.
San Rocco
€52,000 Euro, £46,000, $53,000 US
Cheap house to restore in Tuscany
Part-restored house in mountain village needing simple completion of internal works. New roof. Many original features. Easy DIY project
The Old Hardware Store
€65,000 Euro, £57,000, £69,000 US
Cheap shop - convert apartment  in Tuscany
A disused shop providing an easy conversion into a spacious ground floor apartment. Riverside location and close to all facilities.
La Rosa
€70,000 Euro, £62,000 & $74,000 US
Apartment in Bagni di Lucca
Apartment in good condition with road access to the door and easy parking. Close to shops and public transport
Apartments La Chiesa
€70,000 Euro, £62,000, $74,000 US
Town centre apartments
A character apartment in central Bagni di Lucca. Habitable and good value.
€70,000 Euro, £62,000 & $74,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Small village house in quiet location.
Ponte Apartment
€75,000 Euro, £66,000 & $80,000 US
Riverside Apartments - Toscana Verde
Simple upper floor apartment in Bagni di Lucca. Convenient for transport and services
Casa Costa
€75,000 Euro, £66,000 & $80,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Modernised village house with central heating and air conditioning
€78,000 Euro, £68,000 & $83,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Simple, habitable, village house
€79,500 Euro, £70,000, $85,000 US
Tuscan stone village house
Good quality village house in a popular location.
€80,000 Euro, £70,000, $85,000 US
two riverside houses in Northern Tuscany
A good-sized village house wth large terrace and views.
Molino di Puglianella
€80,000 Euro, £70,000, $85,000 US and €160,000 Euro, £140,000, 170,000 US
two riverside houses in Northern Tuscany
Two restored country riverside houses in the upper Garfagana.
La Rocca
€90,000 Euro, £78,000, $96,000 US
Low-cost apartment in Bagni di Lucca
One bedroom town apartment. Easy parking and public transport access.
Il Cortile
Village house - Toscana Verde
Spacious village apartment with many original decorative features. Two gardens. Views.
I Terrazzini
€90,000 Euro, £78,000, $96,000 US
Spacious village house with stone terrace
Large, recently restored village house with stone terrace and views. Close to facilities.
€95,000 Euro, £83,000, $101,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Fully restored village house with garden in excellent condition.
Casa Colle
€95,000 Euro, £83,000, $101,000 US
Casa Colle - Toscana Verde
A small village house in good condition. Terrace and garden.
La Storta

€95,000 Euro, £83,000, $101,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
A good sized village house with large garden ideal for a pool. Easy parking.
Casa Dateri
€100,000 Euro, £88,000, $106,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Riverside apartment in central Bagni di Lucca.
€100,000 Euro, £88,000, $106,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
A well-restored house with garden located close to Bagni di Lucca.
€100,000 Euro, £88,000, $106,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Village house in good condition. Shared private terrace, views
La Posta
€100,000 Euro, £88,000, $106,000 US
Village house in Tuscany
Large village house with stone courtyard, barn and garden. Good views

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